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Gorilla Self Storage is a West Midlands based storage facility for all your personal storage needs including caravan, furniture and student storage.


Our Willenhall site houses hundreds of brand-new 20ft storage containers with drive-up access and air vents in each unit to prevent mould and moisture build up, keeping your belongings in perfect condition.

For added protection, every container is watertight and windproof so you can rest assured that your possessions are safe from any potential dangers presented by extreme weather conditions which can be common in the UK.  


We also have a friendly and helpful team that are always willing to help, and we offer highly competitive rates so you can store your items at a reasonable cost.

Safe and secure storage near you

The biggest priority for us is to ensure that you have peace of mind when you lock up your belongings in one of our self-storage containers.

Therefore, we have invested in top quality 24-hour CCTV as well as around-the-clock security guards and barrier-controlled vehicle access so that we know exactly who is coming and going at all times.


We also require you to provide your own padlock for your storage unit so that you’re the only keyholder and the only person with access to your personal storage container.

Flexible storage solution to suit your needs

The need for a self-storage unit usually requires flexibility and this is something that we can whole-heartedly offer to all our customers.


The minimum term for hiring one of our containers is 4 weeks but there is no maximum term, so you can have the space for as long as you need.

We're also understanding of how situations can change without any warning; renovation work might take longer than expected or a house move may be delayed, and this could mean that

you need to keep your storage unit for longer than you first anticipated.

We're able to support you as your needs change to ensure a stress-free and

adaptable service.

Learn more about how self storage works or our business practices on

our FAQs page.


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