A caravan/motorhome is a big investment usually reserved for twice yearly family staycations or the summer camping trips. But, most of its time is spent sat in your garage or on your driveway taking up valuable space and making itself an easy target for burglars.

A lack of safe storage space may even be the reason why you have always decided not to purchase a caravan.


Gorilla Self Storage can provide you with secure caravan storage space when it's not being used so that you can relax knowing your most prized possession is safely stored away until you need it.

Why a self-storage unit can make a great home for your caravan

When your caravan is not in use, it will most likely be sat in your driveway or garage which can be a huge inconvenience and cause several issues that are easily resolved when you store your caravan/motorhome in a storage unit.

1.    Protect your caravan against theft
Caravan break-ins are on the rise with opportunists spotting their chance to raid these vehicles left unprotected in people’s driveways. 
Instead of investing in security cameras or an alarm system which doesn’t always deter thieves, a self-storage unit will securely lock away your caravan/motorhome from prying eyes. 

2.    Create more space on your property
A garage/driveway is valuable property space that can be used for several purposes when not being taken up by a large caravan. You could convert your garage into another room and free up your driveway for visitors/guests to park their car whilst your caravan is stored away safely in a self-storage facility. 

3.    Keep your neighbours happy
This may not be your main concern, but it doesn't hurt to stay in your neighbour's good books, and keeping your caravan parked in your driveway is not the best way to do it. 
Although many neighbours might be understanding and won't kick up a fuss, it could still be seen as inconsiderate to leave your large caravan sitting outside your house blocking the view from their window.
A self-storage unit will allow you to keep your caravan out of sight in a safe space and ensure that your neighbours have nothing to complain about. 


Our self-storage facility has ample space on a hard-standing surface for every size caravan/motorhome.
We offer maximum security with top quality CCTV, a 24/7 manned security gatehouse and barrier-controlled vehicle access so you can ensure that your caravan is always safe. 

Please note that all caravans stored within our facility must always be further secured by means of fitted wheel locks and hitch locks. 

We are also fully flexible and allow owners to collect and deliver their caravan with easy drive-up access at any time of day, so you are not restricted by narrow opening hours.


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