How a self-storage unit is ideal for sports equipment storage

Decluttering your home will not only offer more space for the things that you truly need, but it can be great for your mental health and peace of mind too.
It will also make moving to a new house easier when the time comes as you’ll have far less stuff to pack and transport.


The act of decluttering is often associated with throwing things away, donating them to charity, selling them or giving them to friends/family who might need them, which can be a daunting task, especially when items have a sentimental value. 

Decluttering doesn't have to mean that you get rid of everything; instead, you can utilise a storage space outside of your home so that you can keep hold of the things you still want or need without having to sacrifice your personal living space.

A self-storage unit is ideal for those special belongings that are important to you, including:

  • Old photos and family heirlooms

  • Vintage furniture

  • Books and DVDS

  • Holiday mementos and souvenirs

  • Children's old clothes and toys

You may also have things in your home that you only need occasionally, for specific times of year, events or seasons, so keeping them in the home all year around isn't essential and is taking up unnecessary space, such as:

  • Christmas and other seasonal decorations

  • Out-of-season clothing

  • Camping equipment

  • Bikes

  • Garden furniture

  • Musical instruments

  • Baby items, i.e. pram, cot, car seat etc.

Self-storage units are the perfect way to declutter your home. They enable you a safe space to keep hold of all your valuables and continue to expand your collections or hobbies without sacrificing more space in your home.

It can even be a great way to clear out certain rooms so that they can be put to better use, such as an empty loft that can now be converted into another bedroom, or a spare room that can be transformed into an office.


You can also gain access to your storage container 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and as often as you require, so you can pop in and grab the things you need when you need them.

Our West Midlands based storage facility is easily accessible with drive-up entry to make moving things in and out as hassle-free as possible.

Plus, our 20ft self-storage containers provide more than enough space for all the clutter that you currently own along with anymore that you accumulate over the next few years.




Clutter has a way of building up in your home quite quickly, especially as your family grows and you adopt new hobbies. It doesn't take much time before the loft is overflowing with Christmas decorations and old family photos, and the guest room becomes a hub for boxes of winter coats and sports equipment.


Instead of trying to find that spare inch of space under the bed, converting your garage into a storage facility, or spending an absurd amount of money on a bigger house, we can provide a secure and easily accessible, long-term home for all those items cluttering up your living space.