Motorbikes are more than just a method of transportation for many people; bike enthusiasts and collectors would consider their motorbike their most prizes possession and, given the costs involved, this is understandable.

Hence, motorbike storage is important for many riders and those without garage space, or a safe area on their property, to house their bike(s), will look elsewhere for a secure storage facility.


Gorilla Self Storage can provide you with a 20ft storage container to keep your motorbikes sheltered and safe when they’re not in use or if you have no space for them at your own property.

How a self-storage unit is ideal for motorbike storage

There are a few reasons why you should consider storing your motorbike(s) in a secure self-storage container rather than at your home...

1.    More space
Whether you have one or five motorbikes, they take up a fair amount of space and can be a safety hazard if you have children or pets in the house.
Furthermore, if you're more of a seasonal bike rider who prefers to hit the road during the warmer months, then a storage unit is great for housing your motorbike during winter. 
There is no need to have your bike(s) sitting on your property for weeks, or months, on end when that space could be utilised for other things. 

2.    Growing collection
You may even be a collector who is running out of garage space and doesn’t want to be limited to the number of motorbikes they can own based on the room they have left on their property.
Instead, you can transfer your motorbikes to a secure self-storage unit where there is more than enough space for you and your growing collection.

3.    Increased security
Motorcycles are often an easy target for thieves because manufacturers don't make security a top priority in their designs so there isn’t much to deter opportunists from stealing them unless you put your own security measures in place.
The best method of protection when it comes to keeping your motorbike safe from thieves is to lock it away in a self-storage unit that offers higher security than you could ever install in your home.


Our storage units are clean, safe, dry and easily accessible so you can stop by any time to pick up your motorbike and drop it back off when you're done.
We provide the highest level of security with a 24/7 manned security gatehouse, 52 internal and external security cameras and barrier-controlled vehicle access so

you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your motorbikes are in a safe place.

Please note, if you are locking up your motorbike for a few weeks, or even months, whilst you wait for the winter weather to pass, you can sign a SORN declaration to save a bit of money on your road tax too!


 Motorbike Storage