Moving House 


Moving to a new house is a major life event that involves a lot of preparation, planning and organisation which can become stressful if not managed correctly. 
There are documents that need signing, checks that need completing and a house full of items that need packing, all of which can be quite overwhelming. 

One thing that can make the whole process run a lot smoother is a self-storage unit; a practical solution to some of the challenges you often face when moving home.

Gorilla Self Storage can provide you with a safe and secure storage container for all your household items and furniture whilst you go through the process of moving so that you have one less thing to worry about. 

How a self-storage unit can help when moving home

There are many situations that can arise during a house move which may require the use of a self-storage unit...

1.    When you want to make your home more attractive for buyers
During the process of selling your home, you’ll need to make it look presentable for viewings from potential buyers, and one way to make your home more attractive and easier for those viewing to see themselves living in, is to empty the space as much as possible. 

Packing and storing away some of your belongings will make rooms look bigger and more spacious, and will remove a lot of the personal touches that you have added to the home so that it’s easier for those viewing to see it as an empty shell that they can make their own. 

Our self-storage units provide more than enough space to house your belongings on a temporary basis as you take the initial steps to sell your home. 

2.    When you're 'between houses'

It's often the case that you may end up selling your home or be forced to leave your rented accommodation before you have either found somewhere else to live or your new home is ready to move in to, so you might find yourself in a temporary living situation at a hotel, or with friends or family.In these situations, it's highly unlikely that there will be enough space to bring all your furniture and belongings with you. 


Our self-storage containers are ideal in these circumstances, providing people who are 'between houses' with optimal space and security for any items that they don’t need on a daily basis (or that they will have access to in their temporary housing arrangement). You can safely store away your bed, TV, sofa, wardrobe etc., whilst you continue to house-hunt or make the final arrangements on your new home.

3.    When something goes wrong
Buying and selling a home is never as simple as it seems and there are many things that can go wrong along the way, even on moving day itself.
Your mortgage offer from the bank might fall through, the sellers that you are buying from may change their mind at the last minute, or the removals company might not show up.

Whatever challenges you face on moving day which leave you with a house full of packed belongings but nowhere to take them, a self-storage unit can be a great in-between placeholder until the issues get resolved. 

Our self-storage facility is here for you when your moving process doesn't go as planned and, essentially, leaves you without a home for your belongings for a short period. 
For as little as 4 weeks until as long as you need, you can hire a secure 20ft storage unit to house all of your possessions so that you can focus on getting into your new property as soon as possible. 

4.    When you want to make moving less stressful

The most taxing part of moving, for most people, is the packing and unpacking. You feel pressure to get it all done in a few days and find yourself living amongst piles of boxes which only makes it more of a challenge. It doesn't have to be this way. 


You can take your time with the entire moving process with the help of a self-storage unit. Non-essential items can be packed up and stored away in your storage container whilst you work through packing up the rest of your home, so you don't have to live amongst boxes until moving day. The unpacking process can also be made more pleasant by keeping those non-essential items in storage until everything else has been unpacked so you don't feel any need to rush the job in order to clear space in your house. 

It also means that you can give your new house a good clean or quick makeover before you start bringing all your belongings in.

We can provide a safe, secure and suitable space for all your personal household items. Each container can fit the contents of the average 3- bedroom home including your sofa, fridge, TV and wardrobe.  All this and more can be stored  in one of our 20ft containers and accessed, by only you, any time of day. 




If you need some additional storage space when moving home, no matter what the reason might be, then Gorilla Self Storage is here for you.

5.    When you're downsizing
If you're moving into a smaller property and want to hold on to some of your possessions or furniture, even though they won't fit in the new place, then a self-storage unit is a great solution.

Our self-storage containers can be hired for as long as you need them so you can hold on to the things you love or keep them safe until they find a new owner.