• Sarah

Things That Shouldn't Be Stored In Your Loft or Attic

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It's likely that, if you have a loft in your home that hasn't been converted, it's filled to the brim with old family treasures, clothes that you don't need for the current season and your decade-old Christmas tree.

This is because lofts (or attics) are viewed by most homeowners as additional storage space rather than a room of their own and they're a convenient way of keeping things out of sight but close enough to hand in case you need them.

However, a lot, if not all, of the items you currently have stored there are better off elsewhere because you may be doing them more harm than good...

Out of Season Clothes

When the colder months roll around or the temperature starts to warm up, it's tempting to pack up all the out of season clothing in your wardrobe and temporarily house them in your loft until you need them again.

However, you could be putting your clothing at risk by doing so.

Lofts are the perfect breeding ground for moths and damp and they are the last thing you want near your beloved clothes.

Although folding up the clothes and sealing them tight in cardboard boxes will provide them with enough protection from these dangers, this method of storage is not recommended for clothing, especially if it’s going to be there for a few months.

Clothing, especially those made from silk, wool and other delicate materials, needs to breathe which presents an issue when trying to keep it safe from moths and damp.

The solution: don’t store your clothing in the loft.

Wooden Furniture

Whether it's vintage pieces that have been inherited but don't quite suit the interior style, or as a result of insufficient space in the home, storing wooden furniture in the loft is quite common.

However, this is not actually the best place for it because the fluctuations in humidity and changes in temperature can affect the structure of the wood and cause it to expand and crack.

This could be putting your beloved, and expensive, wooden furniture at risk of irreversible damage.

Leather items

Your favourite leather jacket may not be needed for a couple of months out of the year, but storing it in the loft during this period is a big no-no.

Lofts are known for not being well-ventilated spaces which causes a build up of dust and leaves fabrics, like leather, smelling a little musty.

Furthermore, lofts can fluctuate between being too humid and the moisture can cause stains on leather, whilst the period of dry conditions can then cause the leather to split and crack, completely ruining your lovely leather goods.


Keeping all of your important documents, such as birth certificates, bills and deeds, safely tucked away in your loft may seem like a great idea as you can conveniently pop up there anytime you need them.

However, piling up papers like this in such a small, confined space, is creating a massive fire hazard which you should avoid at all costs.

The same can also be said for books and old photos.

Holiday Decorations

Most surprisingly of all, your holiday decorations should not be stored in a loft/attic - who knew?

The problem is, many lofts are prone to getting very warm during spring and summer when temperatures outside are at their highest and this can do a lot of damage to plastic decorations, such as ornaments.

The heat can cause them to warp or even melt which means that you'll end up throwing most of them away every time Christmas rolls around.

Cardboard boxes

And if you thought that you could safely store any of the above items by protecting them in a cardboard box then you would be wrong.

Cardboard boxes are hugely attractive to pests who see the cardboard and the glue used in its construction as a tasty treat.

This is often why you'll find that, over time, your cardboard boxes might have developed small holes which leave the items inside vulnerable to damage from the outside elements, and those pesky bugs.

There are also a number of other things that you should avoid storing in your loft such as books, instruments and old electronics, for similar reasons as those discussed above.

The better option for all of these things is to keep them in a safe and secure space that will not cause them any damage or you any inconvenience.

Our self-storage units are the perfect solution, providing watertight and windproof containers with ample space for all those belongings that shouldn’t be stored in the loft.

All of our containers have air vents to prevent the build-up of mould or moisture and 27mm thick plywood flooring to avoid any dampness on the ground.

This will guarantee that all of your items are kept clean, safe and in the best condition possible.

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