Home renovations are on the rise. In fact, recent research has shown that millennials are more likely to renovate their current property than buy a new house, and this makes perfect sense.

The economy is unpredictable and if your home is in a good location and meets most of your needs, then making some home improvements to create your dream home is quicker, easier and more cost-effective than moving.


Every home renovation process, from a small DIY job to a full-scale loft conversion, will require you to make some living adjustments, including clearing out certain rooms to make space for workers and protect your belongings.


Gorilla Self Storage can provide you with temporary renovation storage to safely house your furniture, furnishings and other household items that you want to keep out of the way whilst redecorating or improving your home.

How a self-storage unit can help when renovating your home

Home renovations, no matter how big or small, will require some measures to be put in place to protect your belongings and make space for work to be carried out. The most obvious and appropriate solution, for most, is to utilise a storage container during renovations.

Using a self-storage unit during renovations can make your life a lot easier and the whole process run a lot smoother...

1.    Keep your furniture and furnishings clean

No matter how many dust sheets you put down or other precautions you put in place, dirt, paint and dust has a way of making itself into and onto places it shouldn’t be, for example, your sofa.

You can save yourself the time and effort of a major clean-up operation, or worse, permanently ruining your expensive sofa with paint stains, by packing everything away and storing it in one of our self-storage units.

2.    Ensure that your valuables and fragile items are safe

With workers coming in and out of your house, things being moved around, and high-risk activities going on, there is a chance that fragile items could get broken or damaged, and valuables could be misplaced.


If you want to give yourself some peace of mind and know that your personal belongings are completely safe whilst your home is undergoing renovations, pack them up and store them in our secure self-storage unit.

3.    Get things out of the way so work can be done

You may have no choice but to empty certain rooms in your house to make space for workers so that their tasks can be made easier and completed a lot quicker, especially if you’re having extensive work done, such as walls being knocked down or new flooring being installed.


Rather than filling up other areas of your home with packed boxes or large pieces of furniture, our self-storage units are a more convenient way of temporarily making space in your home during renovations.

4.    Store new furniture and furnishings until the house is ready

A major part of home improvement projects involves buying new furniture and furnishings; however, you can't always be sure as to when the house will be ready for them to be delivered.

This could cause some problems and inconvenience if you’ve ordered new kitchen units, for example, and they arrive before the builders are ready to fit them.

Our self-storage units are the perfect solution. We can house all your new goods until they're ready to be moved into your renovated home, so you can shop to your heart's content without worrying about where you are going to store all these new things in the meantime.

Not only do our 20ft containers provide safe, secure and easily accessible storage for all your personal possession, but we also understand the need for flexibility when it comes to storage during home renovations.


Often, builders and tradespeople will promise dates and completion times but not meet them which can mean that you may hire a storage unit for six weeks only to learn that the job will take a further three weeks.

We can adapt to these changes and work with you to ensure that you have storage space for as long as you need.