Hobbies and sports activities are a productive way of spending your time and great for staying active and keeping busy. But they often come with a lot of equipment which can present a safety hazard, take up valuable space in your home and be quite an eyesore.

The skis and snowboard for your winter skiing trip, your surfboard for those annual summer holidays, your golf clubs for those weekends when you can hit the course – trying to find a place in your home for all these things when they are not in use can prove difficult. It’s even more frustrating when the equipment is out of season and needs storing away for some time. 

Gorilla Self Storage is a safe and accessible storage solution for all your sports equipment.

How a self-storage unit is ideal for sports equipment storage

There are two main purposes for a self-storage unit when it comes to storing sports equipment:

1.    Create more space in your home for the things you really need
If you have limited space in your home or want to utilise your spare room for something other than storing all your sports equipment, a self-storage container is a great solution.
Even if you're using your golf clubs or fishing gear every weekend, you can still store them away in a storage unit during the week so they're out of sight and safe from potential damage that could be caused by pets or children. 

2.    Out of season items that require long-term storage
If you've got sports equipment that you only need access to a couple of times a year, for example seasonal items that you only use during summer or winter, then having them take up valuable space in your home all year round seems pointless. 
In order to maximise the space in your home and keep your out of season sports equipment securely stored away until you need them, it might be worth investing in a self-storage unit.  


You'll also have easy access to your storage container all year round so you can

get to your sports equipment whenever you need it. 

A Gorilla Self Storage unit is a great way to declutter your home and safely store your sports equipment.  Every unit is watertight and windproof, and fitted with an air vent to prevent mould and moisture build-up, so that you can ensure your expensive sports equipment remains in perfect condition. 


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