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It is becoming increasingly common in the UK, for people to invest in a holiday home to split their time between two countries, or move abroad permanently, with an estimated 345,000 people emigrating in 2018. 

Whether you're leaving the country for a long period of time, taking a gap year to explore the world, or an extended summer break to spend time with friends or family who live abroad, it's unlikely that you will have a property in the UK that can house all of your belongings whilst you are gone. 

Hence, you'll need somewhere safe to store the things that you can't, or don't need, to take with you on your travels. 

Gorilla Self Storage is the perfect solution, providing you with a secure and flexible self-storage container to safely house anything that you're leaving behind for short or long-term travelling plans.

How a self-storage unit can help when travelling abroad

There are several reasons why people are spending more time out of the country, and for much longer periods of time, as it has become far easier to travel and remote working is almost the norm in many industries.

In each of these situations, a self-storage unit can be a huge help...

1.    Travelling for an extended length of time
It's always been popular to take a gap year after school or university to see the world and embrace your freedom whilst you have no responsibilities keeping you at home. But it does come with a few issues, especially if you are not sure how long you will be gone for and if you don’t have a permanent place of residence in the UK. 

Even if you will be spending your time abroad in one country, it isn't feasible to bring everything you have with you, nor will you need it all, especially if you’re going to a cold or hot climate. 
You'll want to leave your weather-inappropriate clothing, large pieces of furniture and other non-essentials in the UK, so that you can travel light and move around freely. However, you probably don’t want to burden your family with the responsibility of housing all these things while you're away. 

Alternatively, a self-storage unit can provide the ideal space for all those items that you want to leave behind whilst you travel the world. 

2.    Moving abroad
If you plan to leave the UK and settle down in a different country, whether it's for a one-year job placement or longer, you’ll find yourself in a similar situation as above. Transporting large, heavy goods can be very expensive and high risk, and these items may not even be suitable or necessary in your new home, so some things will need to be left behind. 

If you're planning to slowly sell everything you own, or keep hold of some items until you have settled (because you might always change your mind and return to the UK sooner than you anticipated), then you'll need a safe place to store it all.

3.    Renting out your home for a period of time
If you're travelling abroad to stay with friends or family for a couple of months, or maybe you spend a few months of the year in another country at a second/holiday home, then you have the option to rent out your UK home on apps, such as Air B'n'B, whilst it's vacated in order to make a bit of extra money to fund your trip. 
In these cases, it can be smart to store away your personal or valuable belongings to keep them safe and give you peace of mind whilst you are out of the country. 

Our secure and easily accessible units are a great option for storage while travelling for as little as 4 weeks up until as long as you need.

We ensure that all our storage units are safe with 24/7 surveillance cameras and security guards, and we ask that you provide the padlock to your container so that you're the only keyholder and the only person with access to your belongings, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your travels.