Student life is hectic – you're trying to manoeuvre through living independently for the first time whilst juggling your studies and social life and, possibly, a part-time job and other hobbies too. 
Hence, it's important to find ways to make anything that adds to the stress of student living a little easier.

One particularly stressful part of student life is the constant moving.
Over the three, four or more years of studying, the average student moves at least four times; first, from their family/childhood home into first year living quarters, then into shared housing for their second year. It's common for students to then moving into a new home for their third year and, finally, back to their family home once they have graduated.

Furthermore, students own a lot of things - from their everyday essentials like clothing to their university supplies and furnishings – so it can be a massive chore trying to move everything around and find space for it all in tight student living quarters. 

Gorilla Self Storage can provide you with an affordable and safe storage unit to keep all your belongings in when moving between houses or struggling for space in your accommodation.

How a self-storage unit can help students with their storage needs

There are two main benefits of using a self-store unit when you're a student:

1.    Storage for those periods between housing
Self-storage units are particularly useful for students when they are between houses over summer break. 
You may have had to leave your current accommodation soon after the end of the academic year and decided not to start renting your new accommodation until the start of the next academic year, to save money, which could leave you in a two or three month period without any housing.

Rather than go through the exhausting chore of moving all your belongings back into your family home and taking up their space, then lugging it all back when university starts again – a task that is time-consuming and tiring and sometimes requires multiple trips which can add up in petrol, especially if you are moving between two different cities - it makes more sense to find an affordable storage facility nearby that can house everything you don’t need over summer, such as university books, winter clothing, furniture etc. making the moving process a whole lot quicker and easier. 

2.    Storage for when there is a lack of space in your student accommodation
Another reason why students often require additional storage space, even when they have accommodation or housing during the academic year, is simply because student housing is often small and space of limited. 
Furthermore, you are usually sharing a house or flat with two, three, four, or even five other people, with the only personal space often being your bedroom, and filling this space with clutter can be hugely distracting when studying and a major inconvenience.

A self-storage unit enables you to lock away those items that you don’t need on a day to day basis, such as seasonal clothing, musical instruments and sports equipment, in a secure and separate space, so that you have more room to live comfortably without having to journey back to a family house in another city when you need to grab some winter coats as the colder weather sets in, for example. 


We can also take short-term hires for the two- or three-month summer period when you may need to store your furniture and belongings whilst you wait for the keys to your new place at the beginning of the academic year. 

Our self-storage units are a cost-effective solution to the common struggles that students are faced with when leaving home for the first time and living in a smaller space. If you're moving from another city to the West Midlands to start university and you don’t want to leave anything behind but are concerned about space, then our storage facility is the perfect answer.


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